Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sketchcrawl June 23, 2012 Shoreline Park

Two of us enjoyed the colorful kites at Shoreline Park's Kite Flying Area in Mountain View. George, a veteran kite flyer, explained the various types of kites that we saw gracing the brilliant blue skies. George's two delta kites, flying in tandem, sported 200 feet long tails! It was a spectacular sight as the kites' tails played with the crescent moon. The breeze was blowing steadily and the kites flew aloft at about 120 feet altitude for most of the afternoon.
We could not have asked for better flying weather. About 10 kites took to the sky--a sled, a dragon, a fish, a parafoil and a butterfly kite all entertained us. This experience whetted our appetites for more and luckily there is a major kite festival July 28 & 29, 2012 in Berkeley! Airship Venture's zeppelin (one of two in the world) from Moffett Field was also making short flights over the South Bay area. Its slow circling is the focus for the sketch below. 

Berkeley Kite Festival

Uszynski: Jump Kite

Rizzuto: Zeppelin and plane over Moffett Field hangers

Rizzuto: George's delta kites playing with the crescent moon

Four kite sketches by Heng Hua

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