Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Congratulations! Enrico

La Luna, written and directed by Enrico Casarosa, the founder of Sketchcrawl, was nominated for an Academy Award in the short animated film category. Although the film did not win the Oscar, we congratulate Enrico for the Academy's recognition of his work. Watch for a screening of this film in conjunction with Disney's new release Brave .

Listen to Enrico discuss his process of making this gem of a film for Pixar.

Sketchcrawl February 18, 2012

Several of us met at Stanford University's Cantor Art Center to take advantage of the beautiful day--sunshine with a cooling breeze. The campus is situated on land adjacent to Palo Alto, CA. There is so much to capture there, from the sculptures dotted around campus, to unique buildings, to the natural environment of trees and flora. 
At the Cantor Center Wang discovered the Asian and Oceania collections, while Rizzuto spent time with Richard Serra's monumental sculpture,"Sequence" situated outdoors at the side of the Center. At the end of  the session we met up to share our sketches at Cool Cafe located within the Center--the desserts were very tempting.

Uszynski: Homage to Balzac

Rizzuto: Richard Serra's 'Sequence'

Rizzuto: 'Sequence' line drawing

Wang: Qing dynasty vase 

Wang: Totem
Rizzuto: Statue

Wang: Bird totem

Sunday, February 5, 2012

World-wide Sketchcrawl 34 Results

Two of us convened at San Jose State University's Martin Luther King, Jr. Library for this drawing event. The library has over 30 unique artworks by Mel Chin scattered around its nine floors. Locating them is a bit of a treasure hunt making it fun to explore the building. The upper floors have wonderful panoramic views, although neither Wang, nor I, took up the challenge. We focused on the artworks. Find out more about them at

Rizzuto: Minerva's Owl located in Philosophy and Psychology Section
Wang: Migration located in stairwell
Wang: Toys located in Children's area
Wang: Section of Babel located in Government Periodicals