Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sketchcrawl May 21, 2011 RESULTS

It was a beautiful day at Rancho San Antonio for sketching. After circling to find a parking spot, two of us headed over to the Deer Hollow Farm to check out the newest additions to the barnyard. The farm was busy with tours, so we were a bit limited, but we did manage to find a few animals that stayed still long enough to be captured on paper. We found 4 baby goats, pigs, and sheep to draw. Wang caught some of the farm action in line drawings.  One must take to the trails to see the wildlife that inhabits this urban wilderness: deer, bobcat, fox, hawks, quail, blue heron, and the rarely seen mountain lion, etc. We both enjoyed the day sketching in this unique park.

There were at least 10-12 radio-controlled plane pilots flying their aircrafts over the meadow.  Rizzuto's sketch caught Fabian taking his plane to the skies--he kindly offered to bring over his Cessna 128 to be sketched. It is out of proportion to the figure in the sketch below, but details are clearer.

Rizzuto: Fabian and his Cessna 128 
Rizzuto: Kid-about 4 weeks-scratching an itch
Rizzuto: Sleeping sow
Rizzuto: Sheep 

Wang: Sheep

Wang: Kids at play

Wang: Sleeping pig

Wang: Girl in barn

Wang: Bicycle

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sketchcrawl April 16, 2011 RESULTS

Three Silicon Valley Sketchcrawlers convened at Mission Coffee and Cafe for a tasty luncheon followed by an afternoon of drawing at the San Jose Mission Church and its garden. The original church had been destroyed by fire and this is its re-incarnation. The weather was perfect, plus there were lots of visitors there for an afternoon wedding. 

John Ediger: San Jose Mission Church

John Ediger: Coffee roaster at the cafe

Wang: Junipero Serra 

Wang: Garden fountain
Rizzuto: Olive tree trunk